Monday, August 22, 2011

The Start of the Long Awaited Posts

Let's talk. And let's be frank. I have had quite a few people ask me why I haven't put up a religion post yet, and the reason is pretty simple. The past few weeks I have been attempting to get a job in the Hartford, CT area, which in this job market is laughable for sure. I also have had the unfortunate circumstance of having to weekly battle religion with a former friend, exhausting the topic for me. Now that my mind is clear, and said person removed from my life, I am free to return to my Atheist ways in peace. So here is a forward to the religion post to come.

When I talk about religion, most people stop listening because I am extremely blunt about it, and must people listening are religious themselves. I have unfortunately been surrounded by too many suffocating religious people in my life, and since I have burst forth from this sheltering and judgmental cocoon of "God", I have found my voice against the atrocities and lack of morals produced by religion. Yes, that is right, lack of morals. Because this voice I have discovered is loud, and proud, it is quick to be sheltered and shunned, and is automatically classified as extreme. In fact, my thoughts are not extreme, they are just in opposition of the favored position. It should also be taken into account that said favored position has extreme emotional ties to those who hold it, leading them to be extremely irrational in defense of it. It should also be noted that these people are very frequently ones who have based their whole entire lives off their chosen religion, and psychologically depend on it as a pillar of their existence, which makes questioning it even harder for them.

This post I will be writing will be blunt, factual, and unemotional. For me it is basic fact. I go by what the facts tell me, and the facts and evidence (at the present time) lead to the conclusion of it to be highly more likely of there NOT being a divine being, then there being one. In fact, they do not support there being a divine being at all. Sorry, but an all encompassing, and very commonly self-manifested, "feeling inside" that religious people so often look towards as evidence as proof, is in fact not proof at all. As an anxious person who can occasionally be prone to self-inflicted panic attacks (not on purpose of course), I can accurately say that one CAN manifest a feeling so strongly in themselves without it being based off of any fact or reason. I have found, with said panic attacks, the inspiration that lead me to panic was in fact my own misinterpretation of the facts. Please note, I gave this personal example to promote an understanding between us that I am one to do my own research, and go off of my own experiences combined with research, and that I do not form my opinions based solely off of Google searches, college psychology classes, and my purported "hatred" of people, which was the assumption by the former friend I mentioned above, who will most likely be reading this post. 

The last thing I would like to clear up, before I bring this post to and end, is that although I have a hatred for religion, I do NOT have a hatred for people. Among other things, I consider myself a humanist, despite the general discourse between Humanism and "Militant" Atheism/Anti-theism, I know that both can work together in harmony. It is my humanist morals, and the affection that I have for ALL creatures in the universe, the push me to Anti-theism. I do not truly believe, I know that it is possible for humans to possess morals without religion, and I know that religion is actually more harmful than good. In fact, what good it does offer is almost always tainted with the insistence of judgement of others who do not follow said religion, and the pending admission to heaven.

So, fasten your seat-belts, clutch your sacred texts, and be prepared for my honest opinion, no holds barred, no restrictions.

This WILL be a verbal attack on most of your religions.