Monday, July 4, 2011

The New Life?

So since moving down to Connecticut, I have been extremely busy doing nothing with my life, it's a tough job! No really though, could someone hire me? Please? Yeah. It's come to that. I really don't want to do retail, but even they aren't calling me back. The library job, the library technician job, the one where you only needed some library experience, not even a bachelors, had over 100 applicants. At least half of them having an MLS. So I obviously didn't hear back from that job. Although the test the administered for the second round was absolutely ridiculous, I still really wanted that job. My mom knows of someone whose son is going to UNH in the fall for his freshman year, and during orientation, one of the students said that 80% of the recent graduates from our year had to move back home with their parents. That sucks. I know I am incredibly lucky to be living in my own apartment with my boyfriend, truly it's wonderful, but I'm ready to do something. I'm tired of leeching off my parents, I want my own income! This job market sucks. I'm not going to point fingers and blame, at least not right now, but trying to find a job these days, ANY job, is crazy. It's like I might as well not have a Bachelors degree, especially since I got it in the most useless subject ever, Psychology. Well I'm going to taper off my rant, but I know, I KNOW the majority of those who graduated from college in the past few years, have most likely felt this, and are probably still dealing with this. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to the grand NOTHING I was doing...


  1. I'll get better - believe me! Just don't give up! Took me a long long long while to get my job as well :) Good luck from Switzerland ;)

  2. Heathu:

    Hey! Don't worry...I'm sure you are going to find a job somewhere....just keep looking! My sister and I are having a hard time with this as well since nobody is hiring in our area....but we were brainstorming today and came up with lots of options - I'm just not sure if any of them are going to work out, but at least we have something. Plus, it might get better in CT when August rolls around since some students might go back to college and quit their jobs...allowing room for other people to take them - aka YOU!! The main thing is to never stop looking since you never know when opportunities might come up :)