Friday, December 30, 2011

Imagine No Religion

Yes, of course we will always find something to fight about. We are animals, it's in our nature. But I'd rather fight about something that exists, than kill each other over something that cannot be proven. Religion is forever tainted, and drives people to think they are exempt from the law and free of judgement, and that is its ultimate flaw. It adds in an invisible and currently unprovable variable. A variable that attempts to make itself guilt free, question free, and perfect. I know it's hard to be free of religion, it's a wonderful crutch. I would love to know my purpose in this world, in this universe, etc, but I don't know, and I can accept that. It takes confidence, and the ability to let go of our utmost selfishness, to realize that our part in this unexplainable universe is inconsequential. What we do with our time is our choice, and we can have a good or bad impact on our small little planet. The problem with "religion" is it doesn't allow change, because it claims itself to be 'perfect', therefore holding itself exempt from any progressive change, and condemning itself to a certain and final end.

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